Diabetes is one of the known lifestyle diseases that affect so many people world over. Coincidentally, there is a great population out there who do not know that they have the disease. Diabetes is as a result of the pancreas being unable to produce enough insulin, the body being insulin resistant or no insulin production at all. Diabetes can be quite a big issue and lead to further complications if not taken care of. It becomes necessary to know how to manage diabetes and keep it under control since it is a lifelong disease.

Tips on how to control diabetes


How someone eats comes at the top of the list when it comes to managing a disease. For people suffering from diabetes, it is essential to ensure that they always have a balanced diet with the right amounts of each food component. It is also important to take equal proportions of both food and medication to avoid extremely low or high insulin counts in the body which might pose a threat to your body.


Just like any other disease, it is necessary to stick to medication to manage diabetes. For those who use insulin shots, it is necessary to keep them stored in the required condition. Other than that, it is also essential to make sure you follow the time frames that are set for you to use your medication as well as having the required amount since a slight change in how you take your medication may impact on insulin levels in the body.


ykthhjjtrdtfhgbhjDiabetes management also involves exercise. There is a lot of energy involved when one engages in physical exercise. In this case, the energy used up is the glucose stored in the body hence reducing the sugar levels in the body. When exercising, it is important to keep track of the insulin levels in the body so that it doesn’t fall below the required level. Before engaging in exercise, it is also necessary to get advice from your doctor on the right exercise to engage in.


When someone has diabetes, there is always a tendency of quickly getting dehydrated. Engaging in physical activity also causes one to lose water from the body. For proper functioning, the body is meant to be properly hydrated. It, therefore, comes in handy to have your water with you while doing your exercise since dehydration is inevitable.