It is firstly important to follow your surgeon recommendations before and after the surgery. Following the doctors, instructions will ensure that you are not at any risk medically. The diet plans available on the internet are not personally customized to the particular individual but your doctor factors in your requirements as a person and the case of any allergies or medical condition e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Two-week pre-operating diet

Proteins are body building foods and low on calories thus it is prudent tom increase the consumption. You can eat lean meats, increase vegetable protein e.g. beans, etc. Click here for the gastric sleeve diet guide.


gffggffgfgCarbohydrate is energy giving foods, and when carbohydrates are consumed in excess starch is stored in the body as starch and converted to fats! You will, therefore, be willing to reduce the intake. Examples’ of carbohydrates are cereal, grains, bread, etc.


Sugars are also energy giving but can do more harm than god tom an already obese person. Eliminate Sugars at all cost. Examples include sodas, juices, cakes, etc.


This is from the get go foods to avoid being too hungry. You can always have snack sin between meals, but the choice should be wise. Some of the excellent examples may include berries, nuts fruits, etc.


Fluids always are hydrated it fuels your body and also keeps you from being too hungry. Drink whatever you may like but stick to low-level sugared drink or sugar-free beverages. As a gastric sleeve patient you can safely go to the following menu:


You may have a protein shake and protein supplements.
Eliminate sugar from the protein supplement.


Vegetates for vitamins and lean meat as your protein.


As per your physical needs you may opt to have the same as you had for lunch but in reduced portions.

Two days before the surgery

Most surgeons recommend that you drop caffeine and carbonated drinks in the two-day period. It is recommended that you stick to clear liquids before the surgery. The clear liquids include water, sugarless popsicles, sugar-free Jell-O. Keep in mind that you adhere to your surgeon’s instructions.

Diet after the gastric sleeve surgery

cvcvcvvcvcvcvbThis is a tough time as the diet you choose will mitigate post-operation procedures. After surgery, your body will ache, and you experience irritability. Not sticking to the diet recommended by the surgeon exposes your body to health risks which include; dehydration, bowel obstruction, gastric leak, diarrhea, etc.