A large number of senior citizens and disabled individuals, usually have a lot of difficulties looking after themselves, when left alone in the house. They could require emergency medical help at any given time, due to all kinds of reasons. In the past, the only way for them to call for medical help was via telephone. But, for a person who has suffered a hard fall or a stroke, reaching a phone would be quite difficult. So, what could be a much better alternative to telephones?


22djfhiThe answer is an emergency medical alarm. These small devices come in the form of an armband, usually worn around the wrists, or a pendant, that is most commonly worn around the neck. A more technical term for these gadgets is PERS, which is short for Personal Emergency Response System.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of various types of models, manufactured by various companies. Even though they might differ when it comes to some features, in general, they all function in the same way. The key component of every device is a wireless transmitter, which sends out a signal, once activated, to the central hub station of an emergency monitoring service. These monitoring services do require a certain amount of monthly fees, which mostly depend on the provider of the service. Personal emergency devices, on the other hand, are quite cheap and easily found. Some service providers might even include them in their emergency monitoring services, free of charge.

A careful purchase

Since there is a large number of companies that produce these devices, their quality may vary, from product to product. To make the best purchase, one should do some research beforehand, by visiting hausnotruf berlin pages, reading customer reviews, or asking other people about their experiences and impressions.

Old ingenuity, new technology

These devices first saw use in Germany, during the 1970’s. In the beginning, they weren’t particularly popular, simply because the technology wasn’t advanced enough. Since then, with the help of multiple technological breakthroughs, PERS devices have experienced a sharp rise in popularity. Even though they can be of help to any individual, they are mostly meant to be used by the disabled and elderly, who face greater risks of suffering various injuries or experiencing serious medical conditions.

Another reason why these devices are so popular is their simplicity. They consist of only two elements, the base station that is connected to the phone and a transmitter bracelet or pendant. More advanced models also have additional features, such as smoke detectors or fall sensors. There are even those equipped with long range speakers, which can be set up in other areas and rooms of the house.

Simple to use and convenient

33 csfjfhThe principle by which these devices operate is quite simple. If a person is left alone in the home, and he/she suffers a heart attack, a stroke, or experiences a hard fall or any other physical injury, he/she can instantaneously get in touch with an emergency monitoring center, with a single push of the button. Most models are programmable and allow the users to input a large number of phone contacts. Once the signal is sent out, a medical expert will immediately establish an audio contact with the user, and inquire about the situation. If necessary, the monitoring center will dispatch emergency personnel to the user’s home to help him/her.