A lot of people to date have succumbed, or are struggling with heat diseases. There are different types of heart diseases which affect people in different ways. Heart diseases are not quite common, and most of them can be handled and prevented. However, cardiologist advice that people should be weary of the kind of lifestyle they lead. More than a half of the cases of heart problems and diseases are as a result of poor lifestyle choices. Although other people are affected by these diseases due to genetics, sex, history and age doctors advice that you should lead a healthy lifestyle to reduce chances of falling victim.

How to prevent heart disease

Avoid smoking and use of tobaccoertfherstrdthfvhj

People who smoke regularly are more likely to get heart diseases. Tobacco is known to contain harmful chemicals that damage and affects the heart and its blood vessels. Smoking tobacco will cause the arteries to narrow as a result of plaque buildup. There is no moderate smoke when it comes to smoking. The more you smoke, the more you stand a chance of getting heart disease. It is, therefore, good avoid smoking and stay away from people who smoke altogether.

Exercise more

Being fit can save your life. Most athletes and sports people rarely get heart diseases. Getting regular exercise and maintain good body weight will help you avert heart problems. People who have weight issues tend to strain their hearts and are more likely to get high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Cardiologists recommend that you exercise at least three times in a week for 30 minutes, to maintain a good flow of blood in and out of the heart. If you can’t find time to work out, try walking to and from work, avoid lifts by using stairs and try doing garden chores all by yourself.

Try eating healthy foods

esrdthestrdythfjTry eating a healthy diet as it will reduce your risk of getting heart diseases. Eat lots of fresh fruits, whole grain and vegetables so as to strengthen your heart.You should also incorporate healthy proteins like lean meat, fish and fat-free dairy products. Too much sugar and salt are also not good for your heart. Avoid saturated and Trans fats, and get your healthy plant fats from nuts, olive oil, and avocado. Healthy eating will prevent blood pressure and keep your cholesterol level in check.

Get sufficient rest and sleep

People who lack enough sleep and rest with time will cause health issues to themselves. Lack of enough sleep has been linked to causing heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and diabetes. Then normal sleeping hours for an adult should be seven to nine hours of sleep, anything less than that will be hazardous to your body especially the heart.