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Ultimate Guide To Gastric Sleeve Diet

It is firstly important to follow your surgeon recommendations before and after the surgery. Following the doctors, instructions will ensure that you are not at any risk medically. The diet plans available on the internet are not personally customized to the particular individual but your doctor factors in your requirements as a person and the case of any allergies or medical condition e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Two-week pre-operating diet

Proteins are body building foods and low on calories thus it is prudent tom increase the consumption. You can eat lean meats, increase vegetable protein e.g. beans, etc. Click here for the gastric sleeve diet guide.


gffggffgfgCarbohydrate is energy giving foods, and when carbohydrates are consumed in excess starch is stored in the body as starch and converted to fats! You will, therefore, be willing to reduce the intake. Examples’ of carbohydrates are cereal, grains, bread, etc.


Sugars are also energy giving but can do more harm than god tom an already obese person. Eliminate Sugars at all cost. Examples include sodas, juices, cakes, etc.


This is from the get go foods to avoid being too hungry. You can always have snack sin between meals, but the choice should be wise. Some of the excellent examples may include berries, nuts fruits, etc.


Fluids always are hydrated it fuels your body and also keeps you from being too hungry. Drink whatever you may like but stick to low-level sugared drink or sugar-free beverages. As a gastric sleeve patient you can safely go to the following menu:


You may have a protein shake and protein supplements.
Eliminate sugar from the protein supplement.


Vegetates for vitamins and lean meat as your protein.


As per your physical needs you may opt to have the same as you had for lunch but in reduced portions.

Two days before the surgery

Most surgeons recommend that you drop caffeine and carbonated drinks in the two-day period. It is recommended that you stick to clear liquids before the surgery. The clear liquids include water, sugarless popsicles, sugar-free Jell-O. Keep in mind that you adhere to your surgeon’s instructions.

Diet after the gastric sleeve surgery

cvcvcvvcvcvcvbThis is a tough time as the diet you choose will mitigate post-operation procedures. After surgery, your body will ache, and you experience irritability. Not sticking to the diet recommended by the surgeon exposes your body to health risks which include; dehydration, bowel obstruction, gastric leak, diarrhea, etc.

Personal Emergency Response System – How Useful Is It And How Does It Operate

A large number of senior citizens and disabled individuals, usually have a lot of difficulties looking after themselves, when left alone in the house. They could require emergency medical help at any given time, due to all kinds of reasons. In the past, the only way for them to call for medical help was via telephone. But, for a person who has suffered a hard fall or a stroke, reaching a phone would be quite difficult. So, what could be a much better alternative to telephones?


22djfhiThe answer is an emergency medical alarm. These small devices come in the form of an armband, usually worn around the wrists, or a pendant, that is most commonly worn around the neck. A more technical term for these gadgets is PERS, which is short for Personal Emergency Response System.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of various types of models, manufactured by various companies. Even though they might differ when it comes to some features, in general, they all function in the same way. The key component of every device is a wireless transmitter, which sends out a signal, once activated, to the central hub station of an emergency monitoring service. These monitoring services do require a certain amount of monthly fees, which mostly depend on the provider of the service. Personal emergency devices, on the other hand, are quite cheap and easily found. Some service providers might even include them in their emergency monitoring services, free of charge.

A careful purchase

Since there is a large number of companies that produce these devices, their quality may vary, from product to product. To make the best purchase, one should do some research beforehand, by visiting hausnotruf berlin pages, reading customer reviews, or asking other people about their experiences and impressions.

Old ingenuity, new technology

These devices first saw use in Germany, during the 1970’s. In the beginning, they weren’t particularly popular, simply because the technology wasn’t advanced enough. Since then, with the help of multiple technological breakthroughs, PERS devices have experienced a sharp rise in popularity. Even though they can be of help to any individual, they are mostly meant to be used by the disabled and elderly, who face greater risks of suffering various injuries or experiencing serious medical conditions.

Another reason why these devices are so popular is their simplicity. They consist of only two elements, the base station that is connected to the phone and a transmitter bracelet or pendant. More advanced models also have additional features, such as smoke detectors or fall sensors. There are even those equipped with long range speakers, which can be set up in other areas and rooms of the house.

Simple to use and convenient

33 csfjfhThe principle by which these devices operate is quite simple. If a person is left alone in the home, and he/she suffers a heart attack, a stroke, or experiences a hard fall or any other physical injury, he/she can instantaneously get in touch with an emergency monitoring center, with a single push of the button. Most models are programmable and allow the users to input a large number of phone contacts. Once the signal is sent out, a medical expert will immediately establish an audio contact with the user, and inquire about the situation. If necessary, the monitoring center will dispatch emergency personnel to the user’s home to help him/her.

Tips on fighting breast cancer

The fight for breast cancer is increasing every day because of the support from different institutions all over the world. In the recent past, only the health institutions were committed to fighting breast cancer, but this is quickly changing. Today we have charity organizations and also cooperates involved in the process of fighting cancer. Fighting breast cancer is now becoming a global affair, with participants like avon 39 2015 helping in the fight. There are different ways to participate in the vice like being involved in the breast cancer walk campaign. The main aim of the walk is to raise money for the treatment of survivors.

Fighting breast cancer

Be a volunteer

It is possible to help in the fight for breast by acting as a volunteer. There many ways to volunteer your time and perform in different activities. It is possible to work with women who are undergoing treatment by giving them emotional support especially if you are breast cancer survivor. Apart from helping the patients already fighting the condition, it is also possible to take part in promoting awareness and helping more people with the diagnosis. When it comes to being a volunteer, there are many ways to help.


Be part of the research

You don’t have to be a medical professional to take part in the research. There are many ways of taking part of the breast cancer research even if you are not a survivor or a medical professional. For instance, you can volunteer yourself for examinations that will help the future in diagnosis, prevention, and causes of breast cases. You will be honored to be a part of the team that took part in the future success of breast cancer.

Provide the finances

One of the most common ways of taking part in the fight for breast cancer is by offering your finances to help in the fight. You can give you money to help the research institutions that are looking for a cure. It is also possible to help in sponsoring the patients that are fighting the disease by paying their medical fees.


Breast cancer campaign

Many breast cancer campaigns are going on online and even in the different parts of the world. It is possible to help in the breast cancer campaigns that will help people in gaining knowledge about the disease. You can participate in the campaign by spreading the news and also participating in the walks and runs that are organized.

Benefits Of Music To Our Brain

Music has been known to be medicine for the mind. From the recent researches, it has been proved that music helps to reduce depression, pain, anxiety, improved sleep quality and cognitive functions. Music is among the things that stimulate and excite the brain. Listening to music goes beyond the normal auditory process. Music serves as the best exercise for the brain.

Music to our brain

Improves your cognitive functions

Music therapy is great to the brain. Recent research has indicated that listening to music helps improve the functioning of the sensory nerves of the brain. This is because it reduces any form of anxiety and stress that the brain could be subjected to. After going to justin moore concert 2014,  you will go home refreshed. This enhances your concentration and mood. In the long run, this improves the cognitive functions of the brain and also helps in improving your memory. This explains why scientists claim that music helps to keep away the effects of brain aging.


Reduces depression and stress

People who are stressed or depressed are usually advised to listen to music. This is because it helps to lower cortisol, which is a stress hormone found in the body. A study revealed that patients who listened to music just before undergoing surgery had very little stress hormones in their blood compared to those who had taken drugs. This shows that music is the best medicine that is fit to handle your stress situation. This is because music triggers the section of the brain that is responsible for the production of feel-good hormones.

Boosts emotion and social bond

Music is used in events such as birthdays and weddings so as to heighten people’s emotion and improve their social bond. In the ancient days, children with emotional difficulty showed tremendous signs of improvement when they were subjected to good music. Music is the best solution to creating social bond even among people who are naturally considered dull. This is because it is responsible for stabilizing a person’s mood and making them more happy and active.

Improves working skills

Music has the power to enhance brain functions and make you more skilled and smarter. Studies in science have indicated that people who listen to music have greater mathematical, literacy and reasoning abilities. Brains scans from professional musicians have shown unique brain symmetries with areas that are responsible for auditory processing and coordination being more developed compared to ordinary people.


Improves brain productivity

Listening to background music while working helps to keep your brain active for longer hours. People who have problems concentrating for long durations should consider listening to music so as to improve their productivity. Elderly people who listen to music have shown faster brain processing speeds and longer hours of concentration compared to those who do not value music.

Taking time to learn how to play a musical instrument is the best workout you can give to your brain. However, if you are not interested in musical instruments, you should try to listen to music as much as possible so as to improve your brain functions.

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